Elliptical… is it Good for You?

One of the most common and used equipment to work from home or at gym it’s the elliptical. Some people will say it is boring, but the true is, that with this machine you will be able to boost your workouts.

The elliptical is perfect for any age or any fitness level. You don`t need to be an expert to learn how to use it. It`s very easy and secure for everyone, especially if you are new at exercise and workout.

When you use the elliptical you can also make your pulse and heart rate high. Even higher than we you use a treadmill or you go for a run outside. You will get all the benefits you can imagine from a workout.  There are many programs you can learn and follow and you can also make your high intervals training on it, making yourself burn a lot of calories.

This is another gym machine that you can perfectly use at home, you can watch television or your favorite show, listening some nice music and even read a book while you perform your workout. All you need to see results is push harder! Improve, make your routine challenging for you and you will see yourself losing weight.

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Easy for your joints, you would probably never get hurt while you are using the elliptical. Safe for your back, you don’t really need to put any stress on it while you workout. It is so safe, that many doctors recommend it after a surgery like the perfect way to help you recover.

You can do a full workout in only 30 minutes. Work all your body while you use the elliptical is just amazing, it will save time! You can work your upper body too… grab a pair of light weights while you do your workout and you will find yourself burning lots of extra calories.

So many good reasons why you should get an elliptical. You can also work directly on your glutes, your legs, quadriceps and also hamstrings. Even calves you can work with this machine. And for upper body? Triceps, biceps, shoulders… it is just amazing!

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The impact doesn’t exist. The possibilities to get injured are pretty much non existing. This is why you can make your workouts knowing that your body is safe.